Basic data for postcode CF47 0SY

Postcode CF47 0SY is placed in CF47 district ( Merthyr Tudful - Merthyr Tydfil; Town ED; Wales ).
Nearest postcodes: CF47 0TA ≈0.05 km away,   CF47 0SU ≈0.06 km away,   CF47 0TB ≈0.09 km away,   CF47 0ST ≈0.09 km away,   CF47 0TD ≈0.14 km away,   CF47 0TE ≈0.14 km away,  
*Tip: Check for other postcodes in Merthyr Tydfil from CF postal code area.

CF47 0SY postcode on map

Marker on the map represents approximate location of the CF47 0SY postcode.